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Men: what color to choose for the suit?

The wedding day is a memorable and unique event, not only for the bride but also for the groom. Among the many decisions you have to make, the choice of dress color is one of the most important. The right color can make all the difference in making the most of your figure and making your look truly flawless. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect color for your wedding dress.

Blue: a timeless classic

Blue is an extremely popular choice for groomsmen’s suits, and it is for obvious reasons. It is a versatile color that suits almost any skin tone and is easily matched with a variety of colors for accessories as well. A navy blue dress, in particular, represents elegance and restraint, and is the ideal choice to make your day truly exceptional. In addition, blue is a color that conveys calmness and confidence, ideal qualities for facing the big day.

Gray: sophisticated and modern

If you are looking for an alternative to classic blue, gray might be the right choice. Gray dresses offer a fairly wide range of shades, from light to charcoal, allowing you to find the perfect tone for your style and complexion. A light gray dress is ideal for daytime and spring weddings, while a dark gray is perfect for evening and winter events. Gray is also extremely versatile and can be easily combined with various colors of shirts and ties.

Black: timeless elegance

Black is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Although traditionally associated with formal and evening events, a black dress can be a bold and refined choice for a daytime wedding as well. It is important, however, to consider the context: an outdoor or beach wedding may require a less austere color. However, for an evening ceremony in an elegant location, black is an impeccable choice.

Beige and Natural tones: perfect for summer

For summer or outdoor weddings, dresses in shades of beige, cream or khaki are a cool and chic option. These colors not only help keep you cool on hot days, but also offer a relaxed and sophisticated look, not surprisingly the trendiest shades of the year. A beige suit paired with a white shirt and colorful tie can look elegant without being too formal, perfect for an intimate wedding celebrated on the beach.

Bright colors: for a touch of personality

If you want to stand out and add a touch of personality to your outfit, don’t hesitate to consider bolder colors. Dresses in dark green, burgundy or even pastel shades can be an excellent choice for a modern wedding. However, it is essential to make sure that the color chosen is in harmony with the wedding theme and does not overpower the couple’s overall look.

Further advice

Generally speaking, it would also be wise to consider other aspects in order to choose the color of the groom’s suit consciously. Here are which ones:

  • Coordination with the bride: make sure the color of your dress matches the bride’s dress and the overall theme of the wedding.
  • Season and location: consider the season and location of the ceremony. Lighter colors are ideal for summer and outdoor weddings, while darker colors are better suited for winter and evening ceremonies.
  • Personal comfort: choose a color that makes you feel comfortable and confident. On your wedding day you should feel your best.

In conclusion, choosing the color of the groom’s suit is a personal decision that should reflect your style and the theme of your wedding. Whether you opt for a classic blue, a sophisticated gray, an elegant black or a vibrant bold color, the important thing is that it represents you 100 percent.


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