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2 ideas of wedding hairstyles with flowers 2024

If you are planning your wedding in 2024, there will surely be plenty of dates to attend. Although, the hardest part, you know, is always up to the women: dividing between make-up tests, tests to define the best hairstyle and dress fittings, as a bride you will have to focus on many more aspects than as a groom. But that’s the beauty of it: in fact, choosing all the useful details to make that day so special is, for many, the most exciting part of the whole preparation rigmarole. However, although the choice of the dress certainly requires more time and attention than anything else, once it has been selected, there is still more to take care of, namely outlining the make-up style, which generally includes directing the make-up to awarm shade rather than a cold one, to best enhance the features of your face, and then, last but not least, finally devoting yourself to the hairstyle! On this last aspect you will be able to indulge yourself: the hairstyle, as a rule, can be worn smooth and therefore natural, or embellished with floral ornaments, and also beads, rhinestones, svarowski, and you name it. But the floral touch is always in first place! Here are some ideas to take a cue from.

The natural beauty of flowers

In the field of hairstyles one can really indulge, and what makes the difference is how that hairstyle will then be embellished. As a general rule, brides always opt for gathered or semi-gathered hair , and in some cases hair worn loose also has its uses. However, it is good to specify that each hairstyle should be matched with a specific ornament, and this is decided not only by the bride according to her preferences, but especially the type of dress, ceremony and the whole reception. In the sense that, for a country situation maybe fresh flowers will be more appropriate, as differently for a more modern location surely beads or rhinestones would fit! Surely making a final check by paying attention to these small things is the ideal solution before finally choosing the patterns with which to embellish the hairstyle. But for now, let’s focus on the floral ones, which generally always go with any type of bride or event!

Fake flowers or fresh flowers?

It took a while, but as the years passed and trends evolved, thankfully, fake flowers gave way to fresh ones. Yet, we know that there is definitely a concern about this, which is to see the flowers in the hair slowly wilt during the continuation of the reception. But don’t panic: there are flowers on the market specifically designed to be used as ornaments on hairstyles. You can ask your trusted florist for confirmation: in fact, a pretreatment is performed on them in order to ensure a long lasting effect, and relieve brides of any fears. Now is the time to finally choose the right flowers for you!

1. Floral wreath

At the top of the list we find the wreath of flowers to rest gently on the hairstyle. Indeed, it is the most flaunted and beloved floral motif of all time, but the good news is that every bride has the opportunity to choose not only the flowers with which to compose it, but also where and how to place it. Of course, since it is a circular shape it would be difficult to think of other ways except to place it in the center of the head, but a good alternative would be to wear it slightly downward at the nape of the neck, or even over the veil, to avoid wearing the classic and very annoying comb in the hair. Either way, the romantic effect is more than assured!

2. Flowers in the hair

For those who love naturalness and never contradict themselves even on their wedding day, the idea most in line with the desired effect would be to use small fresh flowers, or even fake in this case, to weave into the hair, perhaps taking the opportunity to reproduce fantastic French braids on the side, so as to embellish and brighten the hair considerably. Not only that, if you are part of the team of those brides who would never give up comfort, then they could be safely paired with a gathered hairstyle as well. Imagine inserting them alongside a classic bun, the effect would be super romantic but most of all natural!


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