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Are you getting married in the spring? Some bouquet ideas

Spring is one of the most popular seasons for weddings precisely because it evokes feelings of rebirth, freshness and, indeed, love. It is the perfect time to celebrate the union of couples in love, under the banner of a marriage full of vitality and hope. If you’re planning to get married in the spring, whether it’s this year or next year, here are some tips, ideas, and inspiration for choosing the perfect bouquet that’s in keeping with the style of the reception, and most importantly, in line with your tastes! With one of these bouquets, you will celebrate an enchanting wedding that captures the essence of this wonderful season!

The colors to focus on

Spring is distinguished from other seasons by the neutral, delicate, and muted color palette that represents it! Flesh pink, teal, pastel yellow, lavender, cherry red, and many more stand out among them all; what is important is to make sure they do not deviate too far from pastel shades! By choosing from these listed, identifying the theme and color palette of the wedding will be a breeze! Opt for abundant floral decorations, light fabrics, and romantic details that evoke the sophisticated and joyful atmosphere of the season, and you’ll see what a great figure you’ll make!

How to choose the wedding bouquet

The bride’s bouquet and floral decorations are crucial elements in creating the desired spring atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to choose your bouquet!

  1. Spring Colors: As mentioned, spring is associated with bright and fresh colors, so best to opt for flowers with pastel shades such as pink, yellow, lilac and bright green to capture the essence of the season.
  2. Seasonal Flowers: Choose flowers that are in full bloom during spring. Popular options include tulips, daffodils, ranunculus, lilies, peonies and cherry blossoms.
  3. Fresh Aromas: Consider not only the visual aspect, but also the olfactory aspect, and thus the scent of the flowers you most prefer. If you like delicate smells, then play it safe with lavender or jasmine to add a touch of spring to your image.
  4. Variegation and Texture: Never focus on a single kind of flower, rather choose a mix of flowers with various shapes and textures to add visual interest to your bouquet. For example, you can combine bell-shaped flowers with soft petals and star-shaped flowers like tulips for a charming effect.

3 spring bouquet ideas

Here are three fresh and vibrant spring bouquet ideas, one more sophisticated than the other! Thus, you will really be spoiled for choice!

1. Tropical Spring Bouquet: how to compose it.
Flowers: Pink dendrobium orchids, white lilies, yellow gerberas, red anthurium.
Foliage: Palm leaves, ferns, monstera leaves.
Additions: Lime slices or pineapple slices for a tropical twist.
Style: Assemble flowers in a messy, natural way for a wild, tropical look.

2. Rustic Spring Bouquet: how to compose it
Flowers: Orange buttercups, white daisies, yellow freesias, lavender.
Foliage: Rosemary sprigs, eucalyptus leaves, lavender branches.
Additions: Wheat ears, tufts of grass, wild flowers.
Style: Tie the bouquet with a rustic ribbon or jute string for a country feel.

3. Pastel Spring Bouquet: how to compose it
Flowers: Pink tulips, white peonies, purple hyacinths, pink cherry blossoms.
Foliage: Willow leaves, asparagus leaves, fern leaves.
Additions: Pastel satin ribbons, pearls or beads.
Style: Arrange the flowers in a soft and romantic way, with pastel shades that gently blend together.

Now that our proposals have been revealed, which of these will you choose to be your inspiration?


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