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Wedding rings: how to choose them

In the universe of marriage, few things can count on having specific as well as symbolic weight in the union of a couple: we are talking about wedding rings. The truth is that although materially they can be traced back to simple metal hoops, in reality they represent real tangible witnesses of a bond between two people, that is, an indelible mark before which they swear eternal love and commitment to each other.

The custom of exchanging wedding rings before the celebration of the marriage rite dates back to ancient times, with roots going back to the traditions of ancient cultures such as those handed down by the Egyptians and the Romans. In short, it is a custom that has spanned so many centuries that it will continue to perpetuate over time “till death do you part”!

They are icons of unity and cohesion, a constant reminder of love that stands the tests of time. Whether simple or lavish, wedding rings occupy an important role in the journey and organization of the wedding. The choice, not surprisingly, requires attention from both the bride and groom-to-be, so we have compiled a brief guide that may come in handy in case you have not yet made your choice.

How many types of wedding bands are there?

Every couple who belts to face the crucial decision of choosing their wedding rings always seeks advice, a little hint from parents, friends and relatives in order to select the most suitable wedding rings. Simple and traditional, elaborate and personalized, wedding rings should reflect the personality and style of the couple. Precious materials such as gold and platinum are often chosen for their timeless durability and beauty, while diamonds and other gems can add a touch of sparkle and sophistication. Let’s find out together how many types of wedding bands there are!

  1. Classic Wedding Rings: are generally simple and no-frills. They are made with a smooth band of metal such as yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. They represent the most popular option ever. They can also be engraved by presenting decorative patterns or engraved text on the surface of the band. These designs can be meaningful symbols, important dates, names of spouses or love phrases.
  2. Inlaid or Inlaid Wedding Rings: these feature an interweaving of precious metals, creating a unique and artistic look. Ideal for those who wish to show off.
  3. Wedding Rings with Diamonds or Precious Stones: those embellished with diamonds or other precious stones add an extra touch of brilliance to the ring. Diamonds can be set along the band or as a central focal point.
  4. Bicolor or Tricolor Wedding Rings: in this case, the rings are made with two or more shades of metal, such as yellow gold and white gold, for a visually interesting and versatile effect. In this case, they become real jewels to show off!
  5. Curved or Adaptable Rings: are designed to fit the engagement ring perfectly, for women. They usually have a curved shape that sits on top of the other ring’s diamond, with no gaps.

How to choose the perfect wedding bands

Choosing wedding bands is one of the most significant moments in wedding planning. Here are some useful tips that may help you make the right decision.

  1. Establish a budget: before you begin your search for wedding rings, it is important to establish an actual budget to spend. This will help you not only narrow down your options but also focus on wedding rings that fit your financial possibilities.
  2. Consider personal style: do you prefer a classic, traditional pattern or something more modern and bold? Discuss your tastes and preferences together to find a design that is representative of both of you.
  3. Choose materials: wedding rings come in a variety of materials, including yellow gold, white gold, platinum, palladium and others. Each has unique characteristics in terms of color, durability and price. Select the material that meets your personal tastes, including economic ones.
  4. Plan ahead: we suggest starting the search for wedding rings well in advance of the wedding date. This will give you time to explore different options, make any modifications, change measurements, and ensure that the rings are ready in time for the big day.

By following these tips and taking the time to examine each option, you can find the perfect wedding bands that celebrate your love and union in a meaningful and memorable way.


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