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Bonus Wedding

Marriage sanctions the union of two people, supposedly forever. But what if a couple cannot afford to celebrate their big day due to financial issues? In cases like these, the marriage bonus steps in, an aid the government has decided to make available to younger people.

If you are wondering what the marriage bonus is, you are in the right place. This new facility requires several requirements from those who take advantage of it. This is a contribution designed to relieve the bride and groom of the burden of the expenses involved in organizing the ceremony. Let’s see in detail what it is and how to get it.

What is the marriage bonus and who is entitled to it

The League has approved a form of support for couples who want to get married but are unable to have the ceremony of their dreams due to financial difficulties. The marriage bonus provides a tax bonus of 20,000 euros intended for young people about to get married. The requirements for applying for this economic aid are:

  • Be younger than 35 years of age;
  • Have an ISEE income, relative to the household, of no more than 23,000 or no more than 11,500 per person;
  • Be in possession of Italian citizenship for at least ten years;
  • Demonstrate with official documents that the marriage has taken place;
  • That the marriage was celebrated in Italy;
  • Documentation evidencing the expenditure made only and exclusively in Italy.

Initially, it was intended only for couples who wanted to celebrate their wedding with a religious ceremony, but then the circle of those eligible to claim the marriage bonus was expanded to include those who choose to celebrate their wedding with a civil ceremony.

What are the deductible expenses?

Having all the documentation in hand and proving that the expenses were incurred in Italy is not enough. In fact, only some of these may be deductible. We are talking about 20 percent of the expenses incurred, up to a maximum of 20,000 euros. The bride and groom may submit only 5 invoices and may be reimbursed for the costs of:

  • Wedding invitations;
  • Wedding favors for guests;
  • Ceremonial dresses and accessories;
  • Floral arrangements for wedding celebration and reception locations;
  • Hairstyle and make-up for the bride and groom;
  • Car rental;
  • Rental location;
  • Catering and catering;
  • Photographer and video shooting;
  • Wedding planner;
  • Wedding rings;
  • Animation and entertainment for guests;
  • Honeymoon.

For both catering and honeymoon, there is a ceiling of 700 euros. Otherwise, the rule of reimbursement up to 20,000 euros applies. If you are wondering, therefore, what the marriage bonus is for,

How to apply for the 2023 marriage bonus

The 2023 wedding bonus should be claimed by submitting documentation showing expenses incurred for the wedding in a period between December 14, 2021 and December 31, 2023. The contribution related to the 2023 marriage bonus will be disbursed through an over-the-counter procedure, on the Iban indicated at the time of application, until funds are exhausted.

Speaking of advantages and disadvantages of the marriage bonus, these can be really subjective. It must be said that, at the moment, this facility is only available to those who get married in the Lazio Region. In all likelihood, however, other regions may also follow this measure, so that it will spread throughout the country. Should this bonus bring good results, it could really be a great help for those who have been dreaming of the big day forever but need financial support. This is a great incentive for younger couples who decide to take this big step. Remember that the bonus does not consist of financing, but rather of reimbursement, which can be obtained only by submitting marriage documentation and bills related to the expenses. A maximum of 5 different invoices may be submitted.

Getting married, celebrating love, is a ritual of tradition. Many may say that this bonus is not something necessary, as marriage is not compulsory, but is only a ceremony to make a covenant between the two partners. In reality, however, for others the wedding is fundamental, a moment to be lived to the fullest and remembered forever. But what if one does not have sufficient funds and possibilities to bear the costs of the organization? When the government enacted this bonus, it thought precisely of all those more unfortunate couples, financially speaking, who would have no way to have the ceremony they always dreamed of. Thanks to this reimbursement, now, young people will be able to marry, knowing that most of the money invested in the wedding will be repaid to them at the end of the year. For this very reason, the bonus has also been extended to those who decide to marry by civil ceremony, so as not to make any distinctions and not to limit the circle of those who can enjoy the aid.


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