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How to make a relationship last until marriage?

When two people start a relationship, they hope it will be forever, invest time in it, put their feelings out there, and give their hearts into the hands of someone else. Unfortunately, however, life is unpredictable and can present us with obstacles. We’ll give you some tips to overcome them and move on, straight to marriage.

If love is true, it lasts forever: this is what struggling couples tend to say. Clearly, if there is no underlying feeling that drives you forward, there is no point in wasting energy. Making a relationship last until marriage requires commitment, open communication and mutual respect. There is no real secret to a long-term relationship, but you may need some tips to help you cultivate a healthy and lasting relationship.


Eternal love is what almost everyone aspires to. To keep the relationship alive and on, however, it takes good work and it takes, above all, communication. Talking is the basis of a healthy relationship. It is wrong both to be too focused on oneself and to be at complete disposal for the other person, to cancel oneself out for the other person. You should try to find a middle ground, establish a mature relationship where dialogue is at the center of everything. It must be an open and sincere dialogue that can give each of the two members of the couple their proper space. You have to learn to know how to ask, to know how to even reject a proposal, to say no, to state your opinion and not be subservient to the other person’s thinking. Be open with each other about your feelings, concerns and desires. Listen to each other and try to understand each other’s perspectives without judging.

Trust and mutual respect

Trust and respect should go hand in hand. To make yours a lasting love, try not to limit yourself. The fact that either or both of you put stakes in the relationship means that there is not enough trust. If you have to deprive a person of being who they really are, maybe you really don’t like them and are trying to change them. If there is respect at the basis of everything, trust comes naturally, because someone who respects you would never betray you, would never hurt you. Treat each other with respect and kindness. Avoid name-calling or being offensive even when there are disagreements. Learn how to handle discussions constructively. Trust is a key element in any lasting relationship. Be loyal to each other and keep your promises. Prove yourselves reliable in small and large gestures.

Feeling like a team

Support each other through challenges and difficult times. Being present and showing empathy toward the partner helps strengthen the bond. Discuss your future plans together, such as family, career. Having shared goals can help keep the relationship centered on a common future. A couple’s relationship does not only experience moments of light, but it is precisely in those moments of darkness that you understand the person you are with. Do not dwell on past issues, which could only fuel tensions between you. Insinuating, interpreting without knowing generates toxic thoughts, which can be harmful to the relationship.

Carve out spaces for yourself

Sharing one’s daily life with one’s partner is great, but it is also only right that the members of the couple are able to carve out moments for themselves. The important thing is to respect each other’s independence and autonomy. This is just one of many suggestions for how to make a relationship last. Nullifying yourself for the other will only increase disagreements in the couple, because you will end up feeling oppressed, losing your compass, your awareness of who you are and what you love to do. You don’t have to do everything together and you don’t have to, even, organize activities perpetually in pairs. If the other person does not like something, there is no need to make an effort to like it in order to be together. The trick is to meet each other.

These are just some of the tips that could help make a relationship last until marriage. They are perhaps the most important, because they deal with the highlights of a relationship, namely trust, respect, dialogue, and the awareness that you are, even before being a couple, a single person. Beloved, before loving. Don’t stay entrenched in a situation you don’t feel good about and take your life in hand. If love is meant to last, it will last, without war and fighting. If you spend too much time trying to modulate your relationship, it may mean that you are two puzzle pieces that do not fit together perfectly and that, sooner or later, one of you will eventually break apart. Arriving at marriage happy is the basis for having a peaceful and fulfilling life as a couple.


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