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Dulcis in fundo: what’s new in wedding cake design 2016!

Every self-respecting wedding ceremony ends with the indispensable ritual of cutting the cake… So many new developments in 2016 in the field of cake design…

Naked Cakes a.k.a. nude, are back again this year, simple and sophisticated at the same time, they are not covered with sugar paste but embellished with decorations made of cream, cream, fresh fruit and flowers.

Chalkboard Cakes are the cakes that reproduce the chalkboard effect, on which you can write and draw as you please, reflecting the trend that has become part of wedding decorations.

The term False Cakes is used to delineate the set of small cakes arranged in the shape of a cake. Donuts, cake pops, cup cakes or macarons arranged on stands.

Very similar are Mini Cakes: mini cheese cakes, muffins, cup cakes or any other cake but in a smaller version… A great solution to please everyone’s taste!

For rustic style receptions we recommend Pudding Cakes, typically homemade cakes, there are several types. Simple and good, it can be made with a variety of ingredients.

The most extravagant novelty is the Savory Cake: the appearance is typical of a sweet cake but the ingredients hold a nice surprise-especially for those who don’t like cake!

Born a few years ago but still trendy are Ruffles Cakes, several layers of sugar paste usually the same shade that dominates the wedding. The pleated effect and pastel shades make them particularly elegant and romantic cakes.

If your goal is to amaze, the cake masters are offering Hand Painted Cakes for 2016. Rest assured that the paint used to decorate the cake is edible!


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