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Solidarity wedding favors

One of the typical traditions of every celebration, from weddings and birthdays to graduations, baptisms, communions and confirmations, is that of wedding favors. Big, small, cheap or luxurious-it doesn’t matter how they are, but the important thing is that every guest gets to take home a little souvenir of the day.

It is not always easy to find the wedding favor that everyone agrees on, which is why, often, the search begins months and months in advance. Over the years, various favor ideas have developed that have helped couples come up with something original while saving on their budget. These are do-it-yourself gifts, representing the attention to detail put in by the bride and groom and the uniqueness of the item. If you want to create something even more unique, however, you can opt for an initiative that is gaining popularity, especially among newlyweds-to-be: solidarity wedding favors.

What are solidarity wedding favors

The distinguishing feature of solidarity wedding favors is that their purchase helps support a specific social or charitable cause. Rather than offering traditional wedding favors such as sugared almonds or decorative items, sympathy favors often include a small symbolic gift, such as a bracelet, pin, or keychain, that has been produced or sold to benefit a nonprofit organization or charitable cause. The organizations involved in these initiatives could be, for example, those that support medical research, education of disadvantaged children, environmental protection or other relevant social causes. The idea behind solidarity wedding favors is to combine the joy of sharing a special moment with guests at the event and, at the same time, supporting a noble cause. This approach has become increasingly popular as many people prefer to use their wedding favor budget to make a positive difference in the world and help improve the lives of other people or the situation of particular causes. With sympathy gifts you kill two birds with one stone, as you will make your guests happy and contribute to a good cause.

Why to choose solidarity wedding favors

Solidarity wedding favors or gifts are a great alternative to the classic wedding favors usually used. Nowadays, there are many associations that have organized to create perfect keepsakes to use as favors for special occasions. These gifts, once purchased, will give support to which they are attached. There are various categories in which one can take action, and depending on the area chosen, one can proceed by contacting the selected association or charity directly. You can support associations that care and concern about the health of the environment or animals, you can choose solidarity wedding favors children, to help the most needy children and improve their lives with a small gesture. On the web, you can really find a lot of associations that have introduced the wedding favor donation formula.

Solidarity wedding favor ideas

Despite what you may think, choosing sympathy wedding favors does not mean settling for giving guests silly, low-value items. Although we are not talking about luxurious items, sympathy favors have much more importance than a crystal object. If you want to stay true to tradition and don’t give up the classic sugared almonds, choose a solidarity candy box. Often, the associations themselves send them, and you will have to prepare them, assemble them, and have the customizable cards required at the time of purchase. Sometimes, boxes may even arrive ready-made. The choice is varied; there are different shapes and sizes.

If, on the other hand, you have a more innovative and, above all, greener spirit, you can choose to give a gift of innovation for friends of nature. Very much in vogue is the planting pencil. Initially, it will have the same function as a simple pencil, but later, when finished, it can be planted in the ground. From this, a sprout will be born. Another nice idea that is gaining popularity is the seed box. Instead of finding confetti, guests will receive seeds to plant on the balcony or in the garden. Bonsai is also very popular, beautiful to look at, economically important, but certainly impressive. You can take care of your wedding favors in the best way, in every detail, to make them in line with the event theme, colors, atmosphere. Always remember to explain to your guests the meaning and purpose of these sympathy favors, so they can appreciate the gesture and share the joy of helping others during your special event.

The best way to find a wide range of sympathetic gifts is to search for them online. Various non-profit organizations make their websites available to offer their catalog. Choose carefully and thoughtfully, being careful not to run into any ill-intentioned people. In addition to wedding favors, there are also fair trade gifts that lend themselves to the most important occasions and give a great gift to the recipient. In your hand, you will hold a symbolic gift certificate, which can be personalized with details about the ceremony.


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