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5 useful wedding favor ideas

Wedding favors are like the dessert that comes after lunch: inescapable! Most commonly identified as those small gifts that the bride and groom offer to their guests in gratitude for sharing the most important day of their lives, wedding favors are a traditional and meaningful element found in many wedding cultures around the world. Yet, […]

Solidarity wedding favors

One of the typical traditions of every celebration, from weddings and birthdays to graduations, baptisms, communions and confirmations, is that of wedding favors. Big, small, cheap or luxurious-it doesn’t matter how they are, but the important thing is that every guest gets to take home a little souvenir of the day. It is not always […]

Bonus Wedding

Marriage sanctions the union of two people, supposedly forever. But what if a couple cannot afford to celebrate their big day due to financial issues? In cases like these, the marriage bonus steps in, an aid the government has decided to make available to younger people. If you are wondering what the marriage bonus is, […]

GAY wedding

Marriage should be the consequence of love. But who has the right to decide whether two people can love each other or not? Love should be free, true, pure and should have no obstacles because of gender, religion, color. Unfortunately, even today, in 2023, there are people who oppose certain unions, such as same-sex marriages. […]

What is the difference between a marriage extract and a marriage certificate?

Marriage is the celebration of love, it is fun, joy, conviviality, but it is also bureaucracy. Behind this ritual, there is a series of paperwork to be done. To avoid confusion, let us understand the difference between an abstract and a marriage certificate. Marriage is for all intents and purposes a legal act and, as […]

How to present a wedding menu?

One of the most anticipated moments of a wedding, besides the union of the couple, is the banquet. The most discussed, the most criticized, the most appreciated-every banquet is different, each banquet is its own and tries to reflect the demands of the newlyweds. Food is important in a party, of course, but so is […]

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