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GAY wedding

Marriage should be the consequence of love. But who has the right to decide whether two people can love each other or not? Love should be free, true, pure and should have no obstacles because of gender, religion, color.

Unfortunately, even today, in 2023, there are people who oppose certain unions, such as same-sex marriages. On the other hand, however, much progress has been made on this issue anyway. In Italy, as well as around the world, there have been protests, revolutions, in order to have laws that would at least approve same-sex civil unions. After years of struggle, we have come to quite satisfactory results, thanks in part to those who never gave up and always fought for their rights.

The situation in Italy regarding homo marriages

For what concerns our country and therefore homo marriages Italy, 2016 is an important year. Thanks to the Cirinná Law, same-sex civil unions are regulated and allows same-sex couples to register their union in the presence of a registrar. As of 2016 to date, about 10 thousand gay couples have celebrated their love through civil marriage. This is not only a matter of law, but primarily a moral, social issue. Having the freedom to be united in marriage to those you truly love should be everyone’s right, a foregone conclusion. However, it must be said that a civil union is not exactly like a civil marriage. The former involves persons of the same sex and does not need publications; the latter involves persons of the opposite sex and requires publications on time. Gay couples cannot even get married in church, but only and only in front of a Registrar.

Requirements for same-sex civil union

If a gay couple wants to form a civil union, the requirements to be met are not impossible. It is sufficient to be of legal age and, in the case of previous marriages, proof of divorce is required. If either member of the couple is not of Italian origin, he or she will have to apply for clearance from the country of origin. On the issue, Italy published another decree in 2017 stating, “The right to form a civil union is a rule of public policy, which prevails over foreign laws prohibiting the recognition of same-sex unions.”

The organization of a gay wedding in Italy

Organizing gay weddings Italy takes time, as does organizing any wedding. Couples have 180 days to decide on a date to be civilly united once the registrar confirms the clearance. It is best to start with preparations well in advance, otherwise you risk not being able to fit in the time. You need to choose the location, which is the town hall or a municipal house. In Italy, there are so many communal houses, such as villas, castles, ancient mansions, agritourisms, and seaside beaches. Decide on the number of guests, choose outfits suitable for the occasion, favors, catering. The organization is exactly like that of a classic opposite-sex marriage. If you’re wondering how a gay wedding takes place in Italy, the answer is not that complicated. Imagine an aisle, with one of the couple already at the altar, waiting for the other to arrive. It is the bride and groom-to-be who choose who will accompany them to their spouse: in many cases, they opt for both parents and create a beautiful family picture, exciting for all the guests. The ceremony also takes place at the same as the traditional wedding, all according to the tastes and preferences of the couple, of course.

The first gay marriage in Italy

Although laws recognizing civil unions were revised in the 2000s, the first gay marriage in Italy was celebrated in 1978, in Naples. At that time, two Neapolitan men joined in. The fact caused quite a stir in the city, especially in those years when this was still conceived as something scandalous. One of the couple, called ‘A Russulella, showed up dressed as a bride, while the other, nicknamed Là Là, had worn men’s clothes. The one who was the bride was greeted by an incredulous crowd as she exited the house. In her romantic dress she boarded a white Mercedes to join her spouse. The wedding, however null and void for the registry office, was celebrated with plenty of witnesses. It was a real celebration, complete with a honeymoon. The event had such a strong media resonance that the two’s day was also followed by RAI cameras. It was the program L’Altra Domenica that aired the first same-sex marriage celebrated in Italy. An event to remember, an event that, in one way or another, marked history.


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