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VIP weddings: the 6 most anticipated of 2024

The year 2024 is about to turn out to be a year of great celebrations for Italian VIPs, but which weddings are most anticipated by the public? Romantic weddings and lavish banquets, dreamy gowns and timeless locations, who will catch the eye most?
From movie and television celebrities to social media influencers, this year’s unions will be celebrated in a wide variety of months, but they have already won the hearts of those eager to comment. Let’s find out together which weddings will light up the tabloid headlines during this glittering 2024!

Who is getting married in 2024?

Not a few couples have decided to crown their love by choosing 2024 as the winning year, but in the Italian VIP scene, what are the most anticipated nuptials of the year?

1. D’Amico and Buffon

Among the proposals that occurred recently, we definitely mention the one that Ilaria D’Amico (50 ani) received from Italy’s best-known goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon (47). It is known that to warm the heart of one’s better half one does not need much of anything, and Buffon knows this well, who to receive a “yes” asked his future wife to marry him in the most classic way there can be, in their home in Parma. The couple has only one child, but he joins the other three in a modern extended family, and 2024 will be their year of “yes.

2. D’Ospina and Macchi

Orange blossoms also for Stefano Macchi, Anna Pettinelli’s former longtime boyfriend, and curvy model Elisa D’Ospina, who were swept away in love in the summer of 2022, became parents to baby Niccolò in 2023, and are ready for marriage in 2024. There are those who rumor that two years is too short to get married, yet there is a saying that “those who have time, waste no time”!

3. Leotta and Karius

The much-loved Diletta Leotta and handsome German soccer player Loris Karius are also getting married soon, and they are already ready, but they confessed that they are waiting to let little Aria grow up a bit before they get married.

4. Ferraro and Simonetta

Veronica Ferraro, influencer and longtime best friend of Chiara Ferragni, and Davide Simonetta, the best-known music producer of artists such as Mengoni, Tananai, and Annalisa, will also marry later this year. He 38 years old, very private, she, class of ’87, is much more exposed than him on social media being an influencer and, hear hear, she already has a marriage behind her with a relationship that lasted far too long, a good 9 ani. Not for that, the wedding to the beautiful Simonetta has the flavor of redemption and reward although it came at a time as revolutionary as it was surprising!

5. Ventura and Thirds

Among the most unexpected marriage proposals stands that of Simona Ventura, runner-up and moral winner, let’s emphasize, of “Dancing with the Stars,” received by her beloved Giovanni Terzi in tango step on live television! Whether you liked it or not, they say “amor vincit omnia,” and that’s just the way it is for them!

6. Rodriguez and Moser

Finally, this should also be the year for influencers Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser, who met in Italy’s most spied house! Proposal received in 2022, they were supposed to get married as early as last year, but between rumors and unfounded gossip, they had to postpone the most important day of their lives to this year. And he himself confirmed this in an interview, “Of course we are getting married! It’s all gossip. Gossip springs up everywhere. When will there be a wedding? Next year, in 2024.”

What about you, which one are you rooting for?


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